Monday, April 27, 2009

The biggest and better accident of my life (until now)

I finished the secondary school with seventeen years. I was a good student, and also I got a high score in the university admission test then, my family, class mates, and teachers was expected about what I will study. All of them wanted the best for me.

While all people spoke about my future, and also about the brilliant professional career that I would have, I did not know what I wanted to study. I remember teacher called by phone to my parent in order to say them “You must support to your child in this important decision, he has a good score and did not to lost it”.

I was interesting in Industrial Engineering, Law, and Economy. All were interesting for me, because I looked how successful were this professionals, but I was not sure about one of them. A day, before application deadline, I met two my father’s friend who are Public Accountants and Auditors. I told them about my indecision, and they invited me to their work. They said me “we will show you how work people who have all professions do you like, maybe this will help you”.

The result was surprising. I became interesting in Accounting, because it offered me a lot of possibilities. In fact after I finished my studies I got so quickly a job like a Financial Manager, and also I got a Master in Economic. My profession have gave my a lot of satisfactions, and I am sure it will continue give me more. Currently I have her thanks to my career.

Do you can imagine this? All was by accident.

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